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Scout Li-Ion Battery Kit - 5200 mAHr

Scout Camera Box Li-Ion Battery with Charger
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This Li-Ion Battery Kit will power the Scout Camera Controller or Scout Flash. This kit includes:

14.8V 5200mAHr Battery with keyed connector
3A Li-Ion Battery Charger
1m (3ft) AC power Cord

Battery has short circuit, over-charge, and under-charge protection.

Battery Pack Dimensions and Weight:
76mm x 72mm x 40mm
Pigtail Length: 58mm
Weight: 0.4kg (14.2oz)

Connector: 3-pin keyed
Provides power long-term power for your Scout Camera Controller or Scout Flash. Note: This battery is NOT compatible with StackShot 3X, StackShot or StopShot.

This kit cannot be shipped by the US Postal Service, you must choose FedEx or UPS shipping when ordering this product.

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