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Great Additional Links

Some Great Additional Links

Recommended Workshops

African Photographic Safaris from Coetzer Nature Photography

BugShot - Insect Photography Workshops

Abbott Nature - Insect and Camera Trapping Photography Techniques

Learn More about Cognisys Equipment

Joe McDonald photographs a water hole with the RangeIR - The Story Behind the Photograph

Water Drop Photography - Tips and Tricks by Kevin Lewis - PhotosByKev - Tips and Tricks

High Speed Photography Classes Available in the Netherlands (in Dutch) - Focus op Fotografie

Daniel Nimmervoll Tutorial on Multiple Drops (in German) - Geniale Tropfenfotos Selbst Machen

Friends of Cognisys Inc.

Wimberley - Tripodhead

Joe McDonald - HootHollow

Steve Gettle -

Johan J Ingles-Le Nobel - Extreme Macros

Helene Cailaud-

The Coetzer's - Coetzer Nature Photography

Kevin Lewis' Photography - PhotosByKev

Linden Gledhill - Flickr or

Roy Dunn - Humans to Hummingbirds

Need to buy or repair speakers? - The Circuit Shop Loudspeakers

Photography Links

Flash Information - this is a great resource for hot shoe voltages -

High Speed Photography -

Time Lapse, Convert JPG's to AVI movies with PhotoLapse 3 (free) -

Technical Links

Information of all sorts on Strobes and Flashes, Sam's Strobe FAQ's -

This site explains variable power flashes (with scope plots) -

Lots of links related to Flashes, Quite Technical, Includes some cool schematics -